Our Mission

RD Credit Corporation

We exist for our customers, employees, stockholders, and the communities; and glorify God in everything we do. Thus, we:

  • Provide an array of creative, innovative products and services, and strive to foster and maintain long-term customer relationship founded on mutual trust and confidence;
  • Recognize and reward excellence, promote the well-being and uphold the dignity of our employees;
  • Exercise prudent management of resources and consistently generate high returns for our stockholders; and
  • Fulfill our social responsibility as a worthy corporate citizen by uplifting the quality of life in the communities where we work and serve.
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Unsecured Loans

  • SSS Pension Loan

  • GSIS Pension Loan

  • Business Professional Loan

Secured Loans

  • Real Estate Mortgage Loan

  • Chattel Mortgage Loan

  • Vehicle Financing

  • Jewelry Loan

RD Group Loans

  • Salary Loan

  • Emergency Loan

  • Check Discounting

Acquired Assests

  • Vehicles

  • Residential Lots

  • Agricultural Lots

  • Commercial Lots


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